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Embracing "Agility" - It's More than Technology
5.25.17| Sandhill.com

Sandhill.com published an article by Accelent’s Kimberly Breslin on the need for digital agility even in software startups. Software marketing executives in the digital era have a wealth of new tools and channels to reach potential customers.  In addition to a sound business model, a best of breed product, and competitive positioning, launching and growing a software business requires both the technology infrastructure to enable marketing and sales to quickly grow the business and the proper talent required to execute the plan.

Skip Powers Joins Accelent Consulting as Partner
04.24.17 | Accelent

We are excited to announce that Skip Powers has joined the Accelent team as a Partner.  Skip is based in Chicago where we believe the need for digital marketing and sales strategy and execution support for both early stage growth companies and mid market companies is under served   There are many traditional companies based in the Midwest that also need some help in planning their digital transformation strategy and could use the help of Skip and the team.  In addition to representing Accelent in the Midwest, Skip will serve clients in other parts of the US, Europe and Asia as needed. We are excited to be building out our senior team of proven Industry leaders with international experience to help companies adapt digital technologies to drive the business and enhance the customer experience.

Accelent Expands to Germany, Lutz Klaus Joins as Partner
03.16.17 | Accelent

San Rafael, CA –  We are pleased to announce that Lutz Klaus has joined the Accelent team based in Berlin.  Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Accelent Consulting is expanding to strengthen our capabilities in Europe, beyond the UK and France. Our goal is to better address the digital marketing and sales strategy and execution needs of early stage growth companies that want to expand into other regions and need resources with local market expertise. And to help multinationals who need to align operations and require the knowledge and strategic support of global professionals.  He is a great addition to our senior team of proven Industry leaders with international experience and brings deep domain expertise in marketing processes and technology. 

Barbara Angius Saxby To Speak at the Spring CMO Club Summit
3.05.17| Accelent

San Rafael, CA – Accelent Consulting is happy to share that Barbara Angius Saxby will be on a panel at the Spring CMO Club Summit, March 29-30 in Marina del Rey on the topic of digital agility. What is digital agility? We define it as the ability to to quickly adopt technologies to drive the business and maximize customer value. Barbara is a an accomplished marketing executive and thought leader having just completed a survey of 82 CMO’s and eight 1-1 interviews on the topic. She will be sharing some of the findings from the study as well as her own insights and experiences gained from helping clients with digital marketing and sales strategy through execution.

Accelent Expands East Coast Team - Bill Stone Joins as Partner
2.20.17| Accelent

San Rafael, CA –  Accelent is growing its senior consulting team and are pleased to have Bill Stone join us in Boston as a Partner. Bill is a funnel-conversion expert, focused on helping organizations get more revenue out of the sales and marketing funnel, particularly those who need to optimize the “revenue engine” to improve pipeline performance and effectively increase the ROI from marketing automation. He will be working with Pam Bradley, Principal Consultant, and Peter Yorgin, Senior Consultant to provide digital marketing strategy and execution services on the East Coast but also serves clients nationally. Bill is a proven leader and a pioneer in the evolution of digital technologies that drive the business and enhance the customer experience.

New Research Released - “CMO Insights on the Journey Towards Digital Agility”
01.17.17 | The CMO Club

The CMO club, in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud and Accelent Consulting, released a new survey-based research study. This CMO Solution Guide reveals that digital agility is critical to customer intimacy, competitiveness and increasing sales.

Uncovering CMO Insights On Their Journey To Digital Agility
1.17.17| Oracle Marketing Cloud

“The path of the journey to digital agility is paved with continuous planning, testing, and integration,” says Sylvia Jensen, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud. She of course is spot on for to be agile is to be continuous, to never resting on any laurels or getting comfortable – ever. “That may sound extreme but in the world we live in today – our always-on and connected digital world – technology is changing faster than ever before,” she adds.

Weak relationship with IT hampers CMOs
1.20.17| CMO Innovation

CMOs must work closely with IT to capture data, leverage insights and improve customer experience.  The conclusion, coming from “CMO Insights on the Journey Toward Digital Agility”, released by the CMO Club in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud and Accelent Consulting, showed that digital marketing is helping CMOs receive customer insights that are rich, real-time, real world, 360 degrees, predictive, and actionable.

CMOs Typically Lead Organisational Digital Strategies
1.18.17| CMO.COM Australia

New report from The CMO Club looks at drivers for digital marketing agility and the state of wider digital ownership across organisations.

Marketing Automation Health Check

Is Your Marketing Automation Performing as you Expected? Let Accelent help evaluate your marketing automation deployment and ensure that you are maximizing your return on this strategic investment.


CMO Insights on the Journey Towards Digital Agility

This new report presents detailed survey results, analysis and one-to-one interviews with top CMOs. It is full of great insights on how to become more digitally agile and reveals why it is so critical to customer intimacy, competitiveness and increasing sales. It’s a must read!

Digital Marketing Agility infographic

Digital Agility is the ability to quickly and easily adopt digital technologies to maximize the customer experience

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Are Your Automated Marketing Campaigns Performing as Expected? Let Accelent Consulting evaluate your engagement strategy and current system workflows to ensure maximum alignment and return on this strategic investment.

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